Choosing a memorial begins with telling a story. We’d like to hear about your loved one’s faith and beliefs, family heritage, interests and accomplishments. With an understanding of what made your special person unique, we can begin sketching a memorial that’s as one of a kind as he or she was. From there, we can help you choose the memorial type, stone color, size and shape that will best tell your story for generations to come.

Types of Memorials


Sculptures are works of art that pay a beautiful tribute to your loved one. Whether in bronze or granite, they have the power of evoking strong emotions. From elaborate detail to simple design, sculptures will tell the story of a lifetime.


Combining the beauty of an upright monument with the practicality of a bench, monubenches invite you to sit and reflect on your memories.

Upright Monuments

Uprights give your family the opportunity to create a traditional memorial, or to serve as a platform for unique designs in many shapes, sizes, textures, and colors of granite.


A versatile memorial, benches can provide a resting place when visiting the cemetery. They can be used as a public tribute in a park, school or church yard. Engraved with a favorite poem, they can even be placed under a tree in your yard.

Cremation Memorials

Cremation memorials offer endless possibilities to honor a loved one who has been cremated. From a private family columbarium to a marker urn vault, we can help tell your story commemorating a special life.


The face of a slant is cut at a steep angle making it triangular from the side view. Traditionally wider than tall, it can be the perfect canvas for a horizontal flowing design.


Pillows, sometimes called bevel markers, have an angled slope from front to back and provide a raised setting for your memorial engraving.

Flush Grass Markers

Granite memorials set flush with the grass give cemeteries a park-like appearance. Although you’ll typically see rectangular shapes, they can be made in any shape. Using a variety of carving techniques and your story, we can craft a truly one-of-a-kind memorial.

Garden Memorials

Small memorials that can be placed in a cremation garden, at home in a memory garden, or at a favorite spot.

Memorial Accessories and Other Products

Memorial accessories enhance any memorial and range from portraits, to vases to urns.



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